About us

Peter and Michelle are passionate about helping people move forward in their lives. They enjoy teaching techniques that they know work and feel great joy when people see and feel the benefits they have gained from the experience. They encourage people to follow their inner knowing to find their bliss.

Peter and Michelle are both qualified Pellowah Practitioners & Teachers of this amazing technique being taught by the founder of Pellowah, Kachina Ma’an.
They are Reiki Masters trained in Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho / Traditional Western Reiki with a traceable lineage back to Mikao Usui. They also offer Arbah Healing which is like an organ transplant for the aura and Past Life Assimilation which will take you back to a life to clear blockages that maybe affecting this life, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Development, Meditation and Massage.

About Michelle

Michelle’s studies began with a course in Swedish Massage in 1989. Over time studying, learning and her personal journey Michelle has gained a lot of wisdom & knowledge which she now combines in her practise and personal life. Michelle enjoys hearing the positive changes in clients lives after receiving their healing treatments. Michelle’s massage techniques are many and varied depending on what a client requests. Michelle is able to work on the physical or spiritual body incorporating different techniques to support the body to relax and heal. Michelle is able to use massage techniques that focus on treatment of tendons and ligaments – Contractual Tendon Release and Contractual Ligament Release, finding these techniques have proven and positive benefits. Michelle continues to attend courses and workshops for her own spiritual development and forever evolving discovery of self. Michelle has an athletic background, enjoys incorporating healthy, high vibrational food and movement into everyday life.

About Peter

Peter’s spiritual journey began in the early 90’s with a trip to Egypt – his passion and interest in ancient and sacred sites was ignited. Little did he realise that was to be just the beginning of a very exciting journey of self discovery. He began his own search to open himself up by attending Meditation classes and participating in numerous Workshops that have opened up his Clair senses.

Today, Peter enjoys helping people move forward in their lives by facilitating healings and teaching very informative Pellowah Healing Workshops. Peter is a wealth of knowledge and enjoys sharing his wisdom. Peter has an Athletic background and ensures a run is part of his daily life along with sitting quietly and working on self.


Peter & Michelle have both trundled the world with their backpacks (& still continue to trundle) for the past 22 years visiting many Ancient sites and Sacred places. Favourites being Egypt (5 times), Easter Island, Malta and Peru. Please visit the photo gallery to view a few photos from their trips.



  • Pellowah Practitioner & Teacher/Trainer
  • Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher (Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho / Traditional Western Reiki)
  • Arbah Healing Practitioner
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Past Life Assimilation Practitioner
  • Meditation Teacher


  • Pellowah Practitioner & Teacher/Trainer
  • Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher (Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho / Traditional Western Reiki)
  • Arbah Healing Practitioner
  • Massage Therapist – Relaxation, Sport, Deep Tissue
  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
  • Certificate in Swedish Massage
  • Certificate in Advanced Deep Tissue & Common Injuries
  • Meditation Teacher – Certificate in Meditation