Egypt November 2011

Egypt – Our place to be in November 2011 – Adventure time, reconnection and new beginnings were awaiting.

On a very special day 11th November, 2011 = 111111 = New Beginnings…It was to be in Egypt. We were in a place that Michelle has always wanted to go or maybe just return to – Alexandria. It was very clear to Michelle when asked where she needed to be on 11th November, 2011.

Then onto the Egyptian / Libyan border to the magical town of Siwa. Here we were greeted by the best host ever – Sammy a guardian of Siwa. Sammy is a wealth of knowledge about the local area and an absolutely brilliant host and chef. We were very well looked after and guided during our visit here. This town has the oldest mud brick bank in the world. It’s a great place to sit and observe daily life and watch the goings on of the locals. We hope to return again one day soon.

We then revisited a favourite of Michelle’s on 20th November, 2011 = 20112011 – Denderra. This is a place very close to Michelle’s heart.

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