Energy Healing

Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is used to clear meridians / blockages in your physical body, expand your aura and raise your consciousness. Energy surrounds us, is part of us and impacts every cell in our body.

What is Energy?

Energy is in every molecule in the Universe and in constant exchange with the cells of our body. We are surrounded by energy. It is in the air, in water, in the food we eat; we are energy.

We know:

  • Energy is constantly impacting our lives
  • We are in constant exchange of Energy
  • Energy creates various effects on us due to many and varied outside influences
  • Our Energy can fluctuate depending on our thoughts and interactions with others
  • We all vibrate at varying frequencies depending on our Energy at any given moment


Let’s discuss Energy:

Why do we sit in the same chair in a room?

Why is it your favourite chair, space or place?

Why do we move an object in a room when it doesn’t quite feel right?

Why do socialize with certain people?

Why do we give a person a hug?

Why do we feel drawn to a person and not another person?


The comfort or tranquility of sitting in a familiar place. It feels good, perhaps a nice energy.

An object is moved so it looks better or feels better. All about the energy flow.

We all give off different vibes. We are all different beings of light. We all project a feeling that people pick up on.

We exchange energy when we hug a person.  An exchange of energy that makes us feel better or comforted or loved etc.

Our energies resonate with each other. A feeling of knowing or belonging.

These are all aspects of ENERGY at work and are all about the flow, feeling and knowing.

Be careful what you think….has an impact on your energy…will you be uplifted by your thoughts ?

To experience an energy healing is to top up your energy

  • Clear blockages so your physical body can function better (Of course you need a good diet, regular exercise etc to support your physical journey)
  • On a spiritual / soul level it expands your mind so life becomes unlimited. Everything and anything is possible. You look at things differently so you are able to make better choices and therefore live a better more fulfilled life.


 We are the ones creating our future

How do you want your life to be?

It’s your choice to choose your path

Choose wisely