About Pellowah:

How does a Pellowah healing session work?

Pellowah does not involve touch, a client can simply lie down in whichever position is most comfortable for him or her, relax and receive the energy. There is no need to remove any clothes. There is no need to do anything to ‘help’ the healing session, like meditate during it, or anything like that.

A Pellowah practitioner will simply go wherever directed by the Pellowah energy, so his or her hands will often move a lot during a session.

The session will last anywhere between 45-60 minutes. Afterwards you may wish to discuss whatever sensations or experiences you had during it, but the healer will not be able to comment on this.

Pellowah practitioners are not counsellors. Their job is simply to become a channel for the Pellowah energy.

What will you feel during a Pellowah Session?

A client will very often feel relaxed during a session, but other sensations like tingling, energy flow, lightness, strange lights or colors appearing, a sensation of floating, a rumbling stomach, the twitching of a muscle – all of these things are very common and should be taken as a sign that the healing is progressing well.

Sometimes you might not feel much, just a little bit relaxed. That is okay, too. Regardless of what you physically feel, the Pellowah energy will be working. Remember that Pellowah works on a mental / spiritual level first and foremost, so at times it won’t be as physically felt as something like Reiki. This doesn’t mean the healing session is less powerful. Indeed, often it will be far more powerful. The important thing is simply the ultimate result of the session, not the sensations during it – as enjoyable as they may be.

How long should a Pellowah healing session last?

Unlike other healing methods, a Pellowah healing session needs to last roughly 45-60 minutes (or more) to get maximum results.

How long will the Pellowah energy continue to work for after a healing session?

Pellowah energy doesn’t stop working after the session ends. As a result, you will often find that whatever issue you are working on continues to get better and better with time as the Pellowah energy continues to work.

Pellowah energy does not like to mix with alcohol and, as a result, may refuse to flow. If you consume alcohol after a healing session, the Pellowah energy may stop working on you.

Please wait until 24 hours to drink any alcohol

Is it okay to drink alcohol before or after receiving Pellowah?

You must not drink any alcohol for 24 hours before or after a Pellowah session.  Alcohol consumption can result in the Pellowah energy ceasing to flow. Remember, you have invested your time and money to receive this amazing healing please give it every opportunity to do what it needs to.

Can you mix Pellowah with other healing modalities?

It’s fine to practice Pellowah, combined with other healing methods; but if you receive a Pellowah healing, you cannot receive any other form of healing (or counselling) for 24 hours after the session. If you do, the Pellowah energy will stop working.

Do you need meditation or energy experience to take a Pellowah course?

No. You just need to be attuned to the Pellowah energy to be able to use it. This will happen during the course.

Do you need to wait between Pellowah levels?

There is no requirement to wait between levels. Pellowah Level One and Level Two can be completed in two days (one weekend) or can be done seperately. You will receive attunements in both Level One and Level Two. Through the Pellowah attunement you are connected to Pellowah energy and that is all that needs to happen. From that moment onwards you can connect to the energy of that Pellowah level.

Is it possible to receive an Absent / Distance healing?

Yes. You will be required to lay in the receive position as you would a normal healing for 45-60 minutes.