Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu

Gallery of Adventures

We have created a gallery of adventures for you to explore. Here you will find some of our favourite photos from our adventures that we hope you will enjoy. As our travels continue be sure to come back to view our gallery. We have travelled to many different destinations taking us away from Australia for months at a time. What a great life I bet you’re thinking and I totally agree. We’ve worked hard and now it’s time to work in service and follow our life direction.

Zak & Sali travel to Ancient sites around the world working for spirit. We are guided every step of the way and enjoy some wonderful adventures and magical moments. It’s all about having no expectations and listening and following that gut instinct and it’s absolutely amazing how life will unfold.

Here are a few of the wonderful places we’ve had the pleasure to have had an adventure in:

Egypt 2004

Egypt 2011

South America 2011

Australia – Western Australia 2013 (Yes – Home turf)

South America 2013

Mexico 2013

Spain 2013

Portugal 2013

France 2013

United Kingdom 2013

Scotland 2013

USA 2018

Australia – Victoria 2019

UK and Ireland 2019

Australia – Uluru 2020 (Yes, Home turf again)

Where to next will be dependant on when we can leave Australia…still so much to do when the opportunity presents 🙂

Our travels have given us a very expansive view of the world & has opened our eyes to the marvels of many & varied destinations. We have traveled many roads, through many countries, visited ancient sites & had wonderful healing & enlightening adventures.


Please take your time and enjoy our precious memories and magical moments.

Gorgeous beach @ Mursa Matrouh

Beach @ Mursa Matrouh, Egypt