Mexico 2013

Here you will find us in beautiful Mexico – Adventure time 

Mexico, a country where we had a massive adventure, lots of fun and laughter and have come away with many treasured moments.

Mexico is a fantastic road trip with many fabulous ruins to explore, sites to see and signposts and roundabouts to get you lost. The jungle is dense, wild life in abundance and cenotes refreshing. If you are lucky you may get to have a swim with the turtles. Mexico’s beaches are magical…absolute paradise…a great way to relax after adventure time is over or to recharge before continuing on. We especially like the vibe of Tulum. Here you have a fabulous ruin set on the edge of the spectacular Tulum Beach. What more could you ask for. Sightseeing, adventure and fun all in the one place. The energy and insights from the ruins we visited, the people we encountered and the pure essence of the country we found to be uplifting and inspired us to follow our bliss. Looking forward to another adventure in Mexico.

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