Reiki Healing Courses

Reiki Healing Courses (Lineage supplied)

Japanese Reiki is a spiritual practice supporting healing and personal development by bringing earth and heaven together to create balance in humankind. Japanese Reiki is about practice, self responsibility and personal development. Developing a balance between your body, mind & heart. Our Reiki Healing Courses emphasise the Five Pillars that Usui taught.

Reiki – Level 1 (2 days) 

This includes certification with lineage and workbooks. It also includes a 21 day e-course for your continuing Reiki practice.

The Level 1 course will talk about Reiki and its history/lineage.  This is an important component of the course.  It will then introduce you to meditations and chakra centres and the parts of the body which will take on more energy.  You will receive four attunements during the weekend and it is these attunements which will turn on that Reiki switch.  Attunements are ways by which Reiki energy is transferred to you via me.

After receiving your first attunement, you will start doing “self reiki”.  So you will practice placing your hands on your chakra centres and feel the energy flow.  After this you will learn how to give Reiki to each other.


Reiki – Level 2 ( 2 days) 

This includes certification with lineage, workbooks, and snacks.  It also includes a 21 day e-course for your continuing Reiki practice.

The Level 2 course is where Reiki really comes together.  DO NOT LET ANYONE TALK YOU OUT OF DOING REIKI 2!  This is the interesting stuff!  It builds firmly on the skills you learned in Reiki 1.  It involves symbol work, chanting, meditations and learning how to use Reiki as a daily practice.  Distance healing is also covered.   After completing Level 2, you are ready to become a qualified practitioner.

Reiki Level 2 is also an excellent way for people to reacquaint themselves with Reiki which they may have learned many years ago but have since forgotten.    No need to go back to square 1.  Come and join a Reiki 2 workshop.

Usually a minimum of two months is required between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.  This is to allow the newly awakened energies strengthen within you before proceeding further.  Often people are impatient and after a first taste it is only natural that they want more … but patience and practice is the name of the game here.   No need to be impatient with Reiki.

The Reiki courses at Queensland Pellowah Healing & Training Centre will emphasise the “five pillars” that Usui taught:

  •  Reiki attunements
  •  Reiki meditations
  •  Mantras and symbols
  •  Reiki precepts
  •  Hands on Healing

This leads to a richer Reiki experience and enables you to channel this energy in a clearer way.  A 21 day e-course is included as a follow-on practice for both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki courses. Any questions you have after completing these courses please contact me.

Our Reiki Course is recognised by the Australian Reiki Association of which we are a member.


butterfly chakra healing hands


Our workshops are held at Mundoolun, Gold Coast Hinterland/Scenic Rim, Qld.

Reiki Share Nights are Conducted Each Month

A small fee is charged

It is a great opportunity to practice, speak to like-minded people and of course to give and receive healings. Reiki share nights are held at Mundoolun. For more information please contact us.




1. If you have a group, a suitable venue and would like us to come to you please contact us for available dates and pricing.

2. If you are unable to commit to a full weekend please contact us to discuss your requirements.

3. We do offer workshops weekdays. Please contact us for further information.