South America 2011

Wonderful times in South America

South America

Sacred Valley

This was our first experience in South America and what a beautiful country it is. We met many friendly locals that were happy to show us their way of life. We were treated to some fresh baked bread by the local baker at the market in Pisac. Played dress up and had photos taken in the womens brightly coloured clothes on Lake Titicaca. Had an amazing experience at Macchu Picchu.  If you want to see extreme Macchu Picchu is the place to visit. You may well have brilliant sunshine and then the clouds will roll in and you’ll have a storm. The mountains are high and the valleys so low. It’s a site to behold. An addition to any bucket list must be Easter Island. This is a great place is visit. The locals are friendly. The island is great to explore; nice beaches, good food, amazing sunsets and many shabti that have been there from long ago.

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