Spain / Portugal / France 2013

Spain / Portugal / France 2013

Our travels continued in 2013 and what a massive trip it was going to be. We traveled from Summer in South America and Mexico and then across to Spain, Portugal and France into Winter. We were away from home for 3 months.

Our strength and endurance was to be challenged – mind, body and soul.  In South America we were to encounter a trek never in our wildest dreams would we have tackled if given a choice but must say we were rewarded handsomely with a lovely meal and place to rest at the end of the day. In Mexico, we were to visit many ancient sites finally enjoying a few lovely days relaxing in the sun on the beach in Tulum.

Onward to Spain and the European winter. Cathedrals to visit – Zaragoza, Spain; Portugul to visit Santiago de Compostela – the cathedral and the finish of the Camino trail; France, Chartres Cathedral and Labyrinth; Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral.


Here we are in Paris, Winter time, December 2013. Thrilled to be back here again.

Our journey to these destinations – Spain, Portugal and France was to experience the Winter. We Queenslanders don’t do cold very well so it was a shock to our system observing and learning to function the way they do in Europe in Winter. We had an incredible time visiting beautiful Churches, Sacred wells, Labyrinth, doing what tourists do and enjoying the culture and food. We love Europe and look forward to future adventures through these wonderful countries.

FRANCE DEC 2013 032

Near Arc de Triomphe

The Lourve, Paris December 2013

The Lourve








FRANCE DEC 2013 058

Street decoration for Christmas in Paris


Seine River, Paris