Spirit Name

Spirit Name

Years ago there was alot of hype about finding your Spirit Name. It was like it was the cool thing to do but little did we both realise the impact and power this actually has on your life. As you know a name holds a certain vibration so by knowing your Spirit Name and using it changes your whole vibration and knowing your Spirit Name is powerful. You understand yourself a whole lot better and are able to step into your power.

With the help of a dear friend and colleague Peter went about finding his Spirit Name and the significance it holds. I however, decided to find it myself and that I did. With great delight I then consulted a colleague and had it confirmed.

There are two parts to your spirit name. The first tells you what you are here to do and the second tells you how you will go about doing this. After finding your Spirit name you will learn a little more about yourself or actually a whole lot.

We all have a Spirit name and it is available to you. You might find it yourself or maybe someone will assist you with this.

Whatever your journey is, live in the moment and enjoy each experience,

Love & Light