USA 2018

USA 2018 – Off we go again!

As most of you are aware when we travel we are given a very short amount of time to get packed and be on our way and this trip was no exception. We had three weeks to plan, book, pack and be on our way to our next adventure.

First stop, Venice Beach, California. We had business to do over the next few days meeting our suppliers and buying supplies for our other business – The Salt Lamp Company.

Venice Beach, California

We had the pleasure of meeting Mike the mastermind behind the amazing Salt Cave, Santa Barbara and his wonderful team whom welcomed us like we were family…well we sort of are. We all have the same passion, Himalayan Salt and are happy to rave about all it’s health benefits. We experienced a Salt Cave Santa Barbara style and wow. It’s absolutely wonderful to be surrounded in a cave with Himalayan Salt rocks coating the ceiling and walls, and granules massaging your feet as you wander to your seat. We left totally relaxed after enjoying the company of the wonderful souls here at Salt Cave, Santa Barbara.

Enjoy a massage in the tranquility of a true Salt Cave

Us at the entrance to Salt Cave, Santa Barbara

Stopped at Palm Springs for a grounding exercise on route to Tuscon.

Orbs captured on our hike, Palm Springs

Hiking Palm Springs


Arriving in Quartzsite and then Tuscon is like a magical wonderland filled with all things that sparkle.

Tuscon Magic

Gem & Mineral Show, Tuscon

Time for a bit of R&R with our spiritual tribe in the magical land of Sedona.

Magic of Sedona

This lovely soul greeted every other beautiful soul that entered this site with a gift from Mother Gaia uplifting the energy of us all and proceeded to the top of this mountain to play his flute inviting Joy, Peace, Harmony and every other piece of magic you can imagine into this reality. It was such a beautiful humbling experience to be immersed in the energy of this magical gesture.

Inviting Joy to the world @ Sedona

Inviting Peace to the world, Sedona

Another view of the mountains of Sedona through the lens of binoculars and my camera.

Taking in the view, Sedona



After a long, cold and windy road trip we came to Mesa. Now this was not what I was expecting. The absolute opposite I must say. This place is totally in the middle of nowhere. No vegetation, not much life and it was cold and ever so windy…but we had fruit. We found the only accomodation in Mesa, booked in for the night and thought we’d go in search for the Hopi Stone. After driving the Mesa’s in search of the Hopi Stone we gave up as dark was upon us so we retired and thought we’d regroup and plan our next search in the morning. The morning came…we had our bowls of fruit, a map and instructions so off we went up and down the “highway” with Peter moaning and groaning about how hard it was to find and then there was the sign…not your obvious sign I must say… but it was there none the less. Peter stopped complaining immediately and was off in search of the Hopi Stone while I stayed with the car and ate my fruit. He soon came running back yelling at me to quickly jump in the car…I thought he had someone chasing him but that was his show of excitement..Yes you guessed it he found “The Hopi Stone” and the proof is in the picture below.

Hopi Stone, Mesa

Hopi Stone, Mesa

After many long and winding roads, open paddocks, straight road and more straight road we came to a lovely and welcomed little place called Page. Page is the home of the famous Horseshoe Bay. It is spectacular. It is grand. It is absolutely breath taking.

Horseshoe Bay, Page

Here we are back in one of the most spectacular National Parks in the US, Zion. There is nothing like climbing to the top of a rock formation right? Well until you decide to glance over your shoulder and realise you are on the very edge of a steep rock formation and one step wrong and you’ll be sliding straight down the other side…eek!

Zion National Park

When you make it to the top 🙂 & then discover the sheer drop OMG!

Now this is probably going to be a surprise to you all, this year was the first time Peter and I had both ever seen snow. We woke up in our motel room in Salt Lake City to snow falling. Now that’s what we wanted to see and this was going to be the way the next part of our trip was going to be. We had obviously never been out in snow let alone driven in it so it was truly a time for a new experience….or maybe not Peter was used to me yelling instructions at him while he was driving.

First sighting of Snow, Salt Lake City

Road trip to Jackson …eeek!

Clear that road


Fun in the snow

This stunning property is located on the way to Jackson. It was a site to behold. The setting was just gorgeous with the icy river, the red bridge to enter the property, a helicopter in the front yard just in case you needed to pop down to the shops for supplies and a cosy wood homestead. Perfect retreat for the winter.

Spectacular property with it’s own bridge to get in and helicopter to get out.

Here we are at “The Grand Tetons” Jackson where you will find moose roaming the paddocks, a wagon to take you for a close up look at them and then a few miles down the road you will be immersed in the energy of “The Grand Tetons”. A perfect place for me to connect with the Masters and see what messages they bring to my outer waking consciousness.

Moose, Jackson

The Grand Tetons!!

Snow covered Tetons

No better place than to make a snow angel than at The Grand Tetons.

Making a snow angel

Mission complete…one snow angel

Or run around in minus 18 degree cold without a jacket on just because you can.

Look no jacket and it’s minus 18 degrees

Let’s play in the snow..with no jacket

Playtime over…run to the car


OMG!!!! How frozen does he look??

Cody….a very informative museum. You will absolutely leave thinking differently.

Sweat Lodge, Cody

Back into Jackson before our onward journey to Mt Shasta.

Downtown Jackson

We awoke this morning to our car totally covered in snow.

Our car after a night of snow

Time to de-snow the car

Look at how thick the snow was

That’s a car park..right?

Almost ready to roll

Leaving Jackson. On our way to Mt Shasta

Turning onto the highway at Jackson

The breathtaking view driving into Mt Shasta. A site to behold. Mt Shasta has the most beautiful gentle energy and is a perfect place to spend a few days. There are wonderful suppliers here that we love to visit, amazing food and friendly people. A must have experience.

Ah, The beautiful Mt Shasta

Pristine white snow filled mountains of Mt Shasta

Interesting clouds, Mt Shasta







Out & About Mt Shasta

🙂 Berryvale Natural Foods, Mt Shasta

A place we called “HOME”







Loads of snow falling

Mt Shasta

On the road again…to Crater Lake







After a good few days, alot of snowfall and reports the roads and Crater Lake is closed; we finally receive good news Crater Lake is open. Off to the batmobile …I mean the car. We arrived at Crater Lake to a large amount of very annoyed travellers. Yep! you guessed it the lake is closed. Only the information centre was open. The plows were up clearing the roads and maybe the roads will be open by the afternoon we were told… so we wait…and wait…

Snowed in at Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Snow covered Trees at Crater Lake







Loving Crater Lake

Time to play at Crater Lake







and then….they open the road. Yahoo!!!! and here we are:) The fog lifted enough for us to have a few photos taken to prove we were there. 🙂 Mystical, Magical and so much more.

Fog lifts for a fleeting moment, Crater Lake

Zoomed in, Crater Lake

Made it to Crater Lake







Back in Mt Shasta on a clear day

The two of us, Mt Shasta

Lake Siskiyou from the Mountain, Mt Shasta







Mt Shasta

Interesting cloud cover, Mt Shasta

Just taking in the view, Mt Shasta






This afternoon we visit one of our most adored suppliers and link up with wonderful people from NZ whom share their love of music and raising the vibration of the planet. It’s truly wonderful when you meet people who follow their passion and share their wisdom…well so we thought until the next day when we followed the instructions they gave us to the lake. We ended up on this one way road, nowhere to turn around and a large amount of snow cover so it was super slippery and we drove and drove getting deeper and deeper into the forest and finally realised we had driven way further than 12 miles so in an attempt to turn around we searched for a safe place and thankfully we came across a tiny piece of tar road that the sun had shone on and melted the snow enough for us to see the road and know it was safe to turn the car around. On our way again and after driving a long way we came to the only road that wasn’t there on our way up and turned down there. Must have been in another reality on the way up the road. Off to the lake we go… and it was totally worth it.

When you’re told to follow the road to the lake and it’s not the right road…grr

Road side, Mt Shasta

Moss covered trees







Still playing in the snow on the lake


Pile of Snow

The lake










The sight as we leave Mt Shasta and hoping to return to be immersed in your energy another day.

Leaving Mt Shasta

Virginia City – an old mining town and look what’s there…

The Tardis,Virginia City

Finally, a warm sunshiny day on the coast – Carmel, Monterey. After a couple of weeks of winter weather it was warming to our bones to be greeted by brilliant sunshine and the sea breeze.

Carmel is a gorgeous beachside village with delightful shops, trendy people and a great bakery with yummy food, coffee and hot chocolate. Just what was required to soothe our souls and uplift our energy after the cold weather endured.

The coast, Carmel Beach, Monterey

Warmth, Sunny day and water, Carmel, Monterey

Carmel, Monterey







Our last port of call San Francisco – Time to call in on a few more of our suppliers and visit a few quirky places.

The Pier, San Francisco

Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco