Victoria 2019

After a couple of discussions with key players the seeds were planted for a road trip to Victoria January 2019. Come 2nd January it was time to hit the road. We headed across Cunninghams Gap over to Warwick, down to Dubbo and further south along the Newell Highway making our way down through Daylesford onto Torquay and the Great Ocean Rd observing the eco systems as we went and opening our eyes as to how the landscape changes within 2000km.

Welcomed warmly as we arrived at our destination it was to be a trip to fill us up, show us a different way of being and ultimately nurture our soul. To illuminate our soul they say; to catch up with familiar souls, a trip to Airey’s Inlet on a scorching 40 degree day and then immersing our bodies in the cool refreshing waters of the Great Southern Ocean, to feel the joy of having the fresh crisp sea breeze caress our face, immersing ourselves in the energy of the gorgeous Californian Redwood Trees and then onto Apollo Bay to ground ourselves in the Great Southern Ocean. Wander through the berry plantation and enjoy delicious home grown food direct from the farm garden all whilst enjoying the flavours of mighty fine Chai. A ferry ride over to Sorrento for a piece of Famous Vanilla Slice and yes the taste buds were delighted followed by a stroll out to Sorrento Back Beach followed by a lovely evening of meditation and a home made Chai Tea. A hike from Jan Juc along the Bell’s Track to Bell’s Beach. Spent a wonderful evening immersed in the energy of holiday makers enjoying a night out at Night Jar; a wonderful community gathering with market stalls, food & drink, local musicians entertaining the crowd and an overall great vibe. Many a walk along the foreshore of Torquay to clear the mind, enjoy the beauty and tranquility that water, the beach and nature offers.

Our homeward journey took us via Mt Buffalo located in the Alpine region of Victoria – oh my…what an interesting landscape we have there; sheer cliffs, loads of wild flowers and snow gums and absolutely stunning views. Great for rock climbing too. We were not expecting the beauty and different landscape that Mt Buffalo presented that’s for sure.

Then into Wangaratta for a weekend of racing – yes, we like Speedway. It’s in the family… in our blood you might say. The Victorian Compact Speedcar Title was on and my little brother was racing so a perfect opportunity to drop in and support him. After some fantastic results in the heats he was off poll position for the feature much to the teams delight, only to be quickly forced out due to a faulty fuel pump. Immense disappointment was felt from the team but onward and upward. The NSW Title is on in March and all I will say is stay tuned…

Just an update on how my brother ended up…well….Australia #1.

A well deserved result after much dedication from the pit crew (getting the car race ready; washing, loading the trailer etc. and setting it up each race meeting) and consistent driving race in race out. So very proud of you Mark and looking forward to next season.

Time to head back to Queensland and continue following our feelings…

and that’s how we nurtured our soul.

Til next time 🙂

Photo’s to come