Western Australia March 2013


As we are always directed to our next adventure March 2013 found us travelling to the beautiful West coast of Australia….WA…yes, Western Australia.

Our arrival in Perth saw us take in the city for a day or so and then we were off on our adventure.

We had the absolute pleasure of travelling down to Margaret River to visit the stunningly spectacular Mammoth and Jewel Caves and down to the Southern most point of Western Australia – Torbay Head and north to The Pinnacles not once but twice on this adventure. Even had time for a bit of R’n R on the beach at Cottesloe, Perth’s most iconic beach. A living picture postcard, with its white sand, majestic Norfolk Pines and buzzing boulevard and a visit to the renowned “Edwards Wines”. It is amazing the places we are sent!

This is how amazing our adventures can be;

On a lazy afternoon enjoying the peace and tranquility at Cottesloe Beach Peter and I looked at each other and both agreed we needed to be at The Pinnacles for Sunset…so to the car! No jackets, no supplies, just loads of enthusiasm and joy to see what was next. Now this was no 2 minute drive we were in for a good few hours and would we make it for sunset? Well lets see..maybe we would. Would we have enough fuel for our return journey? Now to find a fuel station a million miles from anywhere and guess what the only one in the middle of I don’t know where and it was about to close for the night. Fueled up, a bag of chips, a drink and off to take in the spectacular sunset at The Pinnacles. Yes! we made it and spectacular it was. We had achieved our mission and completed our work.

We love how at a seconds notice we can be off to our next destination and onto another adventure….so much fun. Thanks team 🙂 We enjoy being the ground crew and all the ah ha moments we get to have.

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