Asharni Arlae

Astrology Charts

Interested in learning your life path and the direction you should be going? How planetary alignments effect your chart, how to work with the energy of your chart? Much information to be gained by having a consultation.

This consultation is an hour and a half. Asharni will discuss your natal chart and energies surrounding you at the current time. If you have particular issues that may be concerning you they can be discussed. Consultation is taped. A report, personally prepared by Asharni after your astrology consultation, is nicely bound and can be used as a reference work or workbook for your life journey.

Date: TBA 2020/2021
Cost: Contact us for pricing (includes chart interpretation, consultation and bound copy of chart)
Location: Queensland Pellowah Healing and Training Centre – Mundoolun

For more information about Asharni take a look at her website

Kabbalah Workshops

Tree Of Life Kabbalah (TOLK)

Kabbalah One Day Workshops

Cost:  Contact us for pricingkabbalah weekend workshops

One day workshops give you a theoretical understanding with some Hebrew chant/meditation.  Great for people who want to receive a good understanding of the Kabbalah and the seven levels of consciousness it speaks of.  For those who are unable to learn weekly.  For those who may wish to work on their own with Kabbalah.

A one day workshop format

These one day workshops introduce you to all aspects of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.  They MUST be done in sequence and each workshop adds more information – whether it be pathworking, astrology or tarot.

WORKSHOP NO 1:  This workshop will introduce you to all the Sephiroth or levels of consciousness worked with.  There will be a series of chant/meditations as we work with each Sephiroth as well as an introduction to the Archangel, crystal and fragrances for each Sephiroth.   This workshop will give you an excellent introduction into what can seem a difficult topic. You will receive a manual/workbook including your individual astrology chart, as well as a set of polished gem stones for each Sephiroth worked.

Other workshops will introduce you to astrology, tarot and pathworking. This series of workshops is designed to help you learn about the mystical Kabbalah and the Tree of Life in an experiential way.  The Tree of Life is old.  Some say it was with us from the beginning.  It has been considered a blueprint for life, an ancient DNA sequence, a mind map, an evolutionary tool, an alchemical device.

If you would like an Astrology Consultation or to attend  Tree of Life Kabbalah (TOLK) Kabbalah One Day Workshops please register your interest via our “Contact” page or call Asharni 0404 148 122

*Note: Asharni consults in Queensland as required. Please contact us if you would like to discuss available workshop dates.

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