Massage | Relaxation / Therapeutic / Spiritual

Come treat yourself at Queensland Pellowah Healing and Training Centre to a Massage, soothe your tired aching muscles and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Michelle has many years experience and blends a combination of techniques to provide you with a massage to suit your needs.

Michelle offers a selection of massages that will allow you to experience the ultimate in relaxing and healing. You are able to choose Relaxation, Therapeutic or Spiritual massages depending where you are on your journey and your specific requirements.

Massage | Queensland Pellowah Healing and Training Centre

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Spiritual Massage

A combination of relaxation massage and energy healing techniques are used to work on both the physical and spiritual bodies giving your body the ultimate opportunity to begin healing.

Massage & Reiki 

This is a perfect combination of holistic therapies to restore well-being to your mind body and soul.

Massage & Reiki Combination | 1 hr $70.00

Be nurtured with this wonderful combination. Massage increases oxygen and blood flow to muscles, loosens muscles and relaxes the body; Reiki is a healing technique that works on clearing energy blockages and balancing chakras, bringing body and mind into balance and restoring your well-being. Combined promoting relaxation & well-being.

Massage & Reiki | 2 hrs $130.00

Enjoy and 1 hour massage tailored to your requirements followed by a 1 hour Reiki session. Relax mind, body and soul. The ultimate in rejuvenation.

Massage & Pellowah

When it’s time to relax and rejuvenate your body and nurture your soul come and enjoy 2 hrs of bliss.

Massage & Pellowah | 2 hrs $130.00

Enjoy and 1 hour massage tailored to your requirements followed by a 1 hour Pellowah Healing session. Relax mind, body and soul. The ultimate in rejuvenating the body, raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness.

Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage 

We offer Relaxation and Therapeutic massage. Massages may be a combination of both relaxation and therapeutic with each session based on the clients requirements.

Relaxation | 30 minutes $45.00 | 1 hr $70.00

Come relax and rejuvenate, enjoy peace and tranquility whilst having your aches and pains dissolved. This massage will help reduce stress, improve circulation, improves range of movement, relaxes and tones muscles, recharging and rejuvenating our minds and bodies. Leave feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Therapeutic – Deep Tissue and Common Injuries | 30 minutes $45.00 | 1 hr $70.00

Therapeutic massage helps to relieve tightness and pain through specific problem areas and restore function to your muscles, nerves and fascia. Techniques used release and loosen connective tissue and muscle fibres that are suffering from overuse. These techniques have proven and positive benefits. When your body needs a bit of extra attention then this is the massage for you.

Benefits from a Therapeutic Massage:

  • Relief of headaches
  • Improved range of movement
  • Ease muscle cramps and spasm
  • Prevent muscle and tendon injuries
  • Relief from muscle pain and soreness




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